Please follow the following steps to keep your fountain working well:1.Please add enough water to your pool to ensure the water level is higher than your pum.... "/>

Viajero 2022 4W Solar Fountain with 3000mAh Battery, Latest Upgraded Fix Floating Waterlevel Switch Solar Powered Water Pump for Bird Bath Birdbaths Garden Backyard Pond Pool Outdoor. 2 new from $29.99. Free shipping. Check Price. as of March 28, 2022 7:00 am. Viajero solar fountain comes with a highly efficient solar panel, 100% full use of larger solar panel area to reach 4W, An upgrade over other fountain even works steadily and consistently on cloudy days due to the extra 3000 mAh battery Backup. √ Powerful 4W. √ 3000mAh Backup. √ 100% Solar Panel Coverage. √ Working on Cloudy Days. 1.The Viajero 2022 4W Solar Fountain is a reliable solar-powered water pump. 2. It has a floating waterlevel switch, ensuring the pump works properly regardless of the water level. 3. Its powerful 3000mAh battery provides enough power to run the pump for up to 8 hours. 4. The pump is easy to set up and use. 5. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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